• ü      Historical Grades: After grades are saved as historical grades, teachers cannot make any changes. Any changes must be reported to the appropriate staff at each building. Please ask your building administrator who these individuals are. Additionally, make sure that when your grade book for Q1 is final, open up each class, go to File, and click on “Make Back Up.” This should force a manual back up of your final grades for Q1 to the PowerSchool Server.


    Manually Assigning a Final Grade:


    ü      To change a grade manually, simply double left click on your mouse over the students final grade (Q1, Q2). When you do this, a menu will come up and allow you to manually change a student’s grade. Make sure you read the contents of this function before you manually override the grade.


    Mass Filling Final Grades


    ü      Sometimes you may want to “Mass Fill A Final Grade” for a class. For example, at the high school teachers may want to give each student in seminar credit or CR. To do this, go to the Utilities menu on the top of your grade book, scroll down to “Mass Fill Final Grades.” Click on this function and it will prompt you to what grade you would like to give all of the students in that class.


    Displaying Citizenship/ Conduct Grades:


    ü      To show Citizenship (Conduct) make sure you go to Preferences > Display Tab and make sure the box to hide citizenship on your grade book is not checked. This will allow you to give each student a citizenship/conduct grade. To assign a grade, hover over the number and left click on your mouse. This will change the number. Remember citizenship/ conduct and teacher comments are done separately and are considered two different items.


    Inserting Comments


    ü      To assign comments to each student go to the number to the left of the students name and double left click on your mouse. From this menu you can select a comment you created or a school comment that has a code. To see the list of school comments, go to the Windows > Comment Bank. From here you can see a list of the school comments and print this list, as well as create your own comments.


    Q2 Final Grade Setup


    ü      To Display Q2, make sure you go to Final Grade Setup. This can be found under the Windows Menu at the top of Powergrade. When you go to Final Grade Set Up, you will have options of what you want to see on your grade book. After Q1 is over you can uncheck a box so you no longer see Q1. For Q2, check the box so Q2 is shown in your grade book. Make sure you go in and set up your weighting or final grade set up like you did for Q1. The settings you set up for Q1, unfortunately, do not carry over to Q2.


    Displaying Assignments in your Grade Book For The Next Marking Period!


    ü      When you start to add assignments for Q2, make sure you use dates after the end of Q1, which would technically be November 5, 2006 according to PowerSchool. On the administrative side, PowerSchool defines all of the marking periods by dates, therefore assignments made after November 5, 2006 will be automatically counted towards Q2. If you do not want to see the assignments from Q1 in your grade book, make sure you go to Preferences. Scroll down to the Final Grade Options and make sure you choose Q2. Next, go to the Display Tab, scroll down to attendance and assignments and you can manipulate by date what assignments you want to see in your grade book.


    • To make grade changes after a deadline and after grades have been saved historically. When grades are saved historically, this means all of the final grades and percentages have been saved from your final grade set up for that term. For example, all of the grades from Q1 are saved to a historical database because the term of Q1 has ended. Once the grades have been saved historically, teachers cannot go back in and change the grades in the historical database. In order for grades to be changed, teachers need to change the grades in their grade book under Q1 and enter the number for the assignment. Once this has been completed, the new final grade and the new final percentage needs to be reported to the Guidance Office at the high school, the middle school office for middle school teachers, and the elementary office for elementary teachers. Below are steps for changing any grades once they have been saved historically .


    1.)      Make the changes in your grade book first! Go back in and show Q1 for your grade book. Once you have checked the box to display your Q1 grade, this will show your final grade for Q1. Next, go in under Preferences and change your dates to show all of the assignments in Q1. Once you can see all of your assignments, make sure you record the appropriate score in the assignment your student needed to turn it. If you manually changed the grade, go to the grade in the Q1 column and double left click on the final grade. Uncheck the manual grade change box and this will allow your student to have the correct percentage and grade from your assignment book. The reason you have to change your grade book score is so your semester grade can be figured accurately and will be correct when Q2 is completed. The semester grade is figured on the Q1 grade and percentage and the Q2 grade and percentage combined with a final exam, so we want to make the changes in your grade book. Just so you know since Q1 grades have been stored historically, anytime you make a grade change in Q1, the server doesn’t communicate changes from Q1 to the historical database.  


    2.)    Inform the office! Once you have made changes to Q1 in your grade book, report the new final grade and final percent to the Guidance Office at the high school and to Sara Fisher or Gregg Fettig in the Middle School. Elementary teachers report

              your grade changes to Danette Andrews. From here the historical database will be changed.