• Welcome To Mr. Sydow's 2016-2017 Classroom
    Welcome to my old website!
    This will be my 31th year as a teacher at LaSalle.  My degree was earned from Michigan State University in 1986.  I have a major in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics.  I am also certified to teach drivers' education and taught this for 6 years.  During my years as a teacher I have coached Jr. High & J.V. basketball, and golf. I have also been a class advisor many times.  I remember one year I conned the staff into helping me put on the prom dinner, the kid's loved it and so did we! This summer Max and I again worked at Boyne Highlands, this marks my 27th year. I mow greens every weekend at 5:00 a.m. Max has decided he can make more money as a caddy, he works at Wequetonsing Golf Club. We have spent time riding bikes { pedal and motor} all summer. Thanks Lucas.
    My wife Dena is now in her 6th year at the WRC [Womens Resource Center] as the Marketing Director in Petoskey. We are all looking forward to ski season again at Nubs. Hope all you kids had a great summer! Mr. Sydow. Rumor is I may be on some Nubs Nob materials this year?
    To contact or find me:
    High School rm. C-36, 643-8800
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    Mr. Sydow's 2015-2016 class schedule

    8:00-8:53      Chem I
    8:57-9:50      Chem I
    9:54-10:47    Geo I
    10:51-11:44  Geo I
    12:13-1:06    Conf.
    1:10-2:03      Physics
    2:07-3:00      Chem II 
    Class descriptions
    For Geometry please access www.classzone.com .  This site contains a copy of the text we will be using, from this you can find a reasonable gauge of the syllabus or pace we'll be on. The books have a pacing guide in the front of each chapter.  Please use the site whenever you need help in class.  It contains: the textbook, narrated instruction, vocab flashcards, tons of random homework questions with answers. The site also has practice tests and quizzes! This year I am going to ad a power standard class syllabus. This will contain assignments and the quiz and test sections. This will give students who are absent one more way to keep up!
    Chem I
    The class will introduce the students to the study of Chemistry.  Some key areas of study will include atomic structure, bonding between atoms and molecules and quantitative relationships in substances and in reactions.  Students will be expected to use basic algebra when working with some of the concepts.  Students will also work in the laboratory to demonstrate and reinforce some of the ideas of the class.  You can find the text at classzone.com. This book is correlated to the new Michigan standards. I plan to also add a power standard syllabus for this class.

    Chem II
    Chemistry II reviews basic concepts of chemistry.  It goes into depth in such areas as solution equilibris, pH, gas laws, rate laws, thermodynamics and oxidation-reduction.  If time permits, organic chemistry will be introduced.  More time is spent in the laboratory.

    This class will introduce students to the basic principals of physics.  This will include: measurement and uncertainty in data, motion, the use of vectors, acceleration and free fall.  It will also include force and motion with Newton's Laws, projectile and circular motion, forms of energy and basic electricity.