• Roxanne Hardy-Smith 
    E-mail:  roxannes@eupschools.org
    Phone Number:  906-643-8800
    Room Number:  B-19 (high school)
    Subjects: English 11, English 12A, French I, and French II
    1st Hour:   French I (8:00-8:52)
    2nd Hour:  English 11 (8:56-9:47)
    3rd Hour:   French II  (9:51-10:43)
    4th Hour:   French I   (10:47-11:39)
    5th Hour:   ELA 12A  (12:08-12:59)
    6th Hour:   Conference (1:03-1:54)
    7th Hour:   ELA 11  (1:58-2:50)
    If you need to contact me, please email me with your concerns and/or questions.  Emailing me will be the fastest way for me to contact you.  Thank you.


    If you would like to view your grades, use the following link to access your grades.
    Eiffel Tower