• Hello!  Welcome to Guidance!
         National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
              Wednesday, April 8, 2020 @ 7:00 P.M.
                                         SENIOR TO DO LIST
    • Get your FAFSA  filed by March 1, 2020.
    • Local Masonic Lodge Scholarship due to Mrs. Olsen by 2/27/2020.
    • Other local scholarships will be available in the guidance office beginning 2/17/20 and will be due 3/20/20.
    • Purchase your 2020 Yearbook!  Hardcover $45.00, Softcover $35.00.
    • Get your senior photo to Mrs. Olsen no later than April 17th.
    • Get your baby photo to Mrs. Olsen no later than April 17th.
    • Make sure you ordered your cap and gown for graduation.
    Connie Olsen                                   Are you ready to take an ONLINE COURSE?            
    LaSalle High School                        To find out, proceed through a FREE self-paced learning tool designed            
    Grades 9-12                                    to help students understand what online learning entails and introduce        
    colsen@eupschools.org                   the skills and knowledge that are key to success.       
    (P)906-643-8800 Ext.326                Go to http://olot.mivu.org.  Then toward the bottom of the screen         
    (F)906-643-7696                             click on "Go To Unit".  Then move through the menu on the left side of    
                                                             the screen. 
    Homework Lab     3:00 - 3:45
    Mon: Mrs. Smith(ELA & French)  Mr. Reiderer(Math)
    Tues: Mrs. Tallaire(ELA)  Mrs. LaTocha(Science)
    Wed: Mrs. Martin,  Mr. Brady(Comp & Econ)
    Thurs: Mrs. Gibson(Social Studies), Mr. Long(Chemistry, Geometry, Physics)
    Local Masonic Lodge Scholarship is available in the guidance
    office and due to Mrs. Olsen no later than February 27, 2020.
                                      Life is a balancing act!