• Gregg Fettig - LaSalle High School Principal
    Mr. Gregg Fettig
                   Principal's Message:
        High schools throughout America have continued to change to meet the needs of students entering the 21st Century workplace.  LaSalle High School has likewise done so. Our schools's mission statement is that LaSalle High School will be the high school of choice in our area.   The exemplary quality of our student graduates will reflect the community's commitment to academic excellence. 
         We are now in the fifth year of the implementation of the new statewide graduation requirements.  These changes took effect with the class of 2011 (this year's senior class) and beyond.  Significant resources have been expended to purchase curricular materials that will match the state's curriculum and assist students in mastering the individual course level content expectations. 
          Our school improvement goals will be to positively impact student achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics.  Our school improvement committee meets regularly throughout the school year.  I urge you to contact me if you would like to be involved in these efforts. Furthermore, I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to either e-mail me at gfettig@eupschools.org, or call me at (906) 643–8800 to find out more information why the LaSalle High School is the place to be!





Last Modified on July 7, 2021