•   Welcome to the Wonderful World of First Grade!

    Mrs. "G." Gustafson

         Welcome to First Grade!   Things look a little different in first grade this year.  Because of Covid-19, new restrictions have been put in place in our school.  Parents will not be allowed to escort their children to the classroom this year.  We are asking that you drop off your child at the front door and they will be directed to their classroom.  Please remember to take your child's temperature everyday before you send your them to school. And . . . Don't forget a mask! All students and teachers are required to wear a mask in school.  In the classroom, we plan to handle masks much like they do in a restruant.  When students are at their desks, they may have a mask break.  When moving about the room or working closely with another person or gathered on our rug, we will need to wear our masks. 
        Students will be eating breakfast in the classroom this year.  Upon arriving to school and being directed to their classrooms, students will stay in their classrooms until school begins at 8:00.
       I will be using Class Dojo again this year.  This will be my primary mode to communicate with parents. I will be sending updates, notes and pictures using this app.    
         If you have any questions or concerns, you may always contact me on Class Dojo or by email.  My email is   sherrieg@eupschools.org