• Hunting and Fishing
    Deer season starts on November 15 and is also my Dads birthday.  I will post pictures of
    successful hunts and the best bird dog in the UP.  This page will be a work in progress

    Hazel after a hunt in the EUP

    Hazel after a successful hunt in  the EUP


    Big Buck?
    Small buck taken with my trail cam.  Not like any Wisconsin Buck!
    Good Apple!!
    Yum Good Apple!!  Michigan has the best apples.
    Got corn?  Wisconsin has corn!!!
    The BEST bird dog in the U.P.!!!
    Bird dog and grouse
    Addie and Paul's Grouse.  Success!!!
    ruffed grouse
    Ruffed Grouse!! NOT PARTRIDGE.
    buck and gun
    Buck 11-16-07 with my Dads .250 Savage 99
    deer and me
    8 pt taken on 11-16-07
    madison and gunnar with buck
    Madison and Gunnar ready to hang the buck
    on the buck pole and Camp Cockeyed Louzer.
    Next years Buck now!
    Hungry after the Rut.
    night 8pt
    view from blind
    View from my blind on my Uncle Sams property. It is approximately 75 yards to the light area which is hardwoods.  That is a stump in the back that looks like a deer eating.