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    I have just begun my 23nd year here at LaSalle as a Special Education and Regular Education Science Teacher.  My background in sped started in junior college with an observation of a 5th grade classroom at Ironwood Area Schools, in Ironwood, Michigan.  The rewards were immediate and very satisfying.  However after graduation from college the teaching field was very hard to break into and I subsequently went into the environmental field.  I spent 6 years cleaning up the earth and decided that a career in teaching is what I really wanted. So within a month I quit my job, got married and started teaching.  Which is where we are now.  As you can tell I am working on my 23th year of marriage.  My wife who is the high school counselor and I have two children Madison Joy Olsen (16yrs) and Gunnar Jon Olsen (14yrs) and Gracie the Golden Retriever (1 year).
    Madison and Gunnar
    Gunnar and Madison playing in the leaves.
                    Madison on top of slide.


                                                Gunnar with a splash down.