• 2011 HOF
     (cover courtesy of The St. Ignace News Print Shop)
    Mike Lehto 1950-1954, Football/Basketball/Distinguished Service
    Pete Everson 1965-1969, Football/Basketball/Track/Distinguished Service
    Steve Becker 1982-1985, Football/Track
    Steve MacDonald 1997-2001, Football/Basketball/Track
    1973 Football Team: Phil Ruegg, Ben Brown, Paul Brown, Jim Ahlich, Howard Owens, Lee Smith, Louie Bentgen, Butch Calcaterra, Jim Prout, Greg LaTour, Tom Krause, Paul Mackin (deceased), Chuck Pemble, Steve Therrian, Jim Everson, Dan MacDonald (deceased), Terry Gillespie, Al Prout, Dan Schlehuber, Don Tamlyn, John Wyers, Tom Huskey, Bill Grogan, John Smith, Tim Huskey, Ed Moses, and Dave McNamee. Head Coach, Jerry Gallagher; Assistant Coach, Mike Perry; Manager, Mike Welch.
    1973 Football Honors link courtesy of The St. Ignace News Print Shop.