(cover courtesy of The St. Ignace News Print Shop)
    Above:  Jerry Gallagher, Football Coach, 1966-73; Greg LaTour, Athlete, 1970-74, Football/Basketball/Track/Baseball; Moie Brown representing the late Jim Brown, Sr., Athlete, 1937-41, Football/Basketball/Baseball; Ken Brown, Athlete, 1965-68, Football/Track/Football Coach; Dan Wyers, Athlete, 1974-78, Football/Track/Basketball; Sandy (Halberg) Krause, Athlete, 1977-81, Basketball/Volleyball/Track.
                                                                                                         1965 Football Team
    Football team
    (front) Frank Ahlich, Phil Robinson, Randy Neelis, Elaine Huggins representing her late husband, Assistant Coach Tom Huggins; Mrs. Rubick representing her late husband, Ronn Rubick Head Coach; Tom Hamel, Athletic Trainer; David Schlehuber, Ken Brown. (back) Mark MacDonald, Barry Pierson, Bob Giacherio, Mike Smith, Rick Savard, Tom Alkire, Bruce St. Louis. Missing from photo: David Donnelly, Bill Prout, Pete LaChapelle (deceased), Mike Smith, Ron Taylor, Ron Yellen, George Frankovich, Mike McDonald, Fred O'Rourke, Clyde Martin, Steve Goudreau, Pat LaChapelle, Tom Weiss, Doug Doner (deceased), Dave Guiterrez (deceased), Jack Swanson (deceased), and Gary Grondin (deceased).