• Hello everyone and welcome to another year at LaSalle High School! 
         I grew up in Wisconsin before moving to the Upper Peninsula.  Growing up I enjoyed playing in the band, singing in the choir, and playing softball, volleyball, basketball...    During the school year it seemed as though I lived at the school and during the summer my sisters and I lived on the softball field and in the lake.  Extracurricular activities were a significant part of my education and I encourage all students to get involved. 
         After high school I went on to college earning my bachelor's degree in social work at Mount Scenario College, master's degree in social work at Michigan State University, K-12 school social work coursework at Michigan State University, and guidance counseling certification at Northern Michigan University.  As far as employment goes I worked at Hiawatha Behavioral Health for just short of 10 years in a variety of positions such as day program professional, casemanager for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill, crisis intervention specialist, and intake worker.  I then left HBH to take a counseling position at Lake Superior State University for two years.  It was after I left LSSU that I became a "Saint".  For me, each year at LHS has been filled with positive experiences and learning opportunities!  The year starts off fast and furious and doesn't slow down until the end of May.    
         My time outside of school is spent with my husband who also works for LHS, my two children Madison (20) and Gunnar (17).  I love outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends.  Being the guidance counselor at LaSalle High is a tremendous privilege!  I truly enjoy being apart of the LHS faculty team and spending time with the students.  Each student brings their own personality and talents to the mix and it's what makes the school environment forever changing and exciting!  GO SAINTS!!!!!