Classroom Policies
    Classroom Expectations
    Cooperate with your teachers and classmates.
     Respect the rights and property of others.
     Come to class prepared.
    Carry out your basic student responsibilities.




    1st Offense           Sign name on the front board


    2nd Offense          Check by name and an extra assignment
    3rd Offense         Check by name & a note home. Signed and returned the next day 

    4th Offense          Written up and sent to office



    Grades are based on a total point system. Each assignment will be worth a designated number of points with the final grade calculated using the percentage of points earned divided by the total points available.
    Grading Scale

    93 - 100% A                                      

    90 - 92% A-

    87 - 89% B+

    83 - 86% B

    80 - 82% B-

    77 - 79% C+

    73 - 76% C

    70 - 72% C-

    67 - 69% D+

    63 - 66% D

    60 – 62% D-

    59 or Below E


    Any work not handed in on time is considered late. Late work loses 10% each class period. Work is not accepted for credit after ten school days.  


    When a student is absent, they are responsible for picking up their work. A paper with their name on it will be on the front cabinet. All assignments/class topics will be listed. The worksheets are usually attached, but it is up to the student to verify the work and supplies needed. The student has the same number of days to make up the work as they were absent. For example, if they were out two days they have two days upon returning to make up the assignments.


    Students receive a hall passes each nine weeks. A "left over" hall pass is worth three extra credit points at the end of the marking period. Students may have opportunities to earn extra hall passes throughout the marking period.