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    Home Visits and Parent-Teacher Conferences
        The St. Ignace GSRP conducts two Home Visits and two Parent-Teacher Conferences throughout the school year.  We strive to establish formal lines of communication between home and school to promote positive partnerships for the best learning environment possible.
    Home Visits   
       The main purpose of the initial home visit is for the teachers and families to meet.  During this time, your preschooler gets a chance to connect and familiarize themselves with us.  This opportunity allows you to ask questions, get to know one another, and offers a moment to complete any additional forms.  
       The final home visit is conducted to review your preschooler's growth throughout the school year and to discuss kindergarten readiness.  We use this time to prepare you and your child for what is expected in kindergarten and appropriate ways you can further assist your child in this transition.
        Home visits and parent-teacher conferences are mandatory for all St. Ignace GSRP students.   The home visits help to establish strong, positive communication between the school and home.  This partnering opportunity allows us to meet with your family to discuss concerns, answer questions, and review your student's progress.
    Parent-Teacher Conferences   
       Parent-teacher conferences are used to further communicate your student's growth and progress during the school year.  Parents and teachers meet face-to-face to discuss academic progress, social behavior, share strengths, needs, and review child's assessments and classroom performance.