• Procedures
    Classroom Procedures:
    • Enter quietly.
    • Sit at your assigned seat with all six legs on the floor.
    • Follow directions the first time they are given.
    • Raise your hand for questions, permission, or attention.
    • Turn finished work into the In Bin.
    • Sharpen your pencil at the beginning of class and whenever it does not cause an interruption.
    • Return borrowed materials to where they belong neatly.
    • Take your Communication Folder home every night and bring it back every morning.
    • Sit quietly in your seat until you are dismissed.

    Hall Procedures:

    • Walk quietly on the right side.
    • Enter a room only when the teacher is in that room, including specials.
    • Take coats, etc., with you to lunch, then recess.  (No returning to the classroom during lunch time)
    Emergency Procedures:
    • Grab tissue as needed.
    • Go where you need to go (sink, restroom, etc.) if you are vomiting or bleeding (sink, restroom, etc.).
    • Call the office or run for help when a teacher or student is unable.
    • Follow emergency drill procedures (fire, tornado, lockdown) calmly and quietly with your group wherever you are in the building (gym, library, cafeteria).