Offered Courses & Descriptions

    Daily Course Descriptions:

    Senior Band(Concert Band)

    Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12                                                                                                   2 Semesters

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of previous year or by director permission. The Senior Band performs regularly throughout the year;schedules are available from the Director. Examples of performances are Football Games, Basketball Games, Parades, Holiday, Winter, and Spring Concerts, Veterans Day,and MSBOA Band Festival. Band trips are scheduled for every other year.


    Music Department members will advance their fundamentals musically and socially through the performing arts. Students will progress as musicians set for by The Visual,Performing, and Applied Arts requirements set forth by the state. The three strands covered are: Create, Perform/Present, and Respond. Positive attitudes and great work ethic are a must, as students are expected to work hard while enjoying the experience. Other experiences such as camps, workshops, Community Band, Honor Bands, and Lions Band are available to any member through auditions and registrations through out the year.


    Jazz Band

    Grades: 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

    Prerequisite: Permission of Director                                                                           2 Semesters

    Students meet during “Zero Hour” two (2) or three (3) days a week, 7-7:45 AM: Usually Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Days may shift due to sport practices, weather, or performances. Jazz Band is offered for students who wish to participate in more advanced literature and learn multiple styles of music. The group performs on a regular basis throughout the community and state. Students are required to carry a full course schedule during the regular school day. The jazz band performs in the annual CMU Jazz Weekend in February.



    Music Technology –Independent Study

    Grades: 11, and 12                                                                                                      2 Semesters

    Prerequisite: Currently enrolled in instrumental band and permission of Director

    Music Technology (Independent Study) is a course designed to allow students’ creativity to take flight. Students will use the labs in the band room to create, edit, mix and arrange music and video in various projects.The Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts standards are followed for the evaluation of this course. Those strands are Create, Perform/Present, and Respond.


    Music Appreciation Class

    Grades 10,11,12                                                                                                           2 Semesters

    Prerequesite: None

    Music Appreciation Class is a course designed for the student with no prior musical training.  Music appreciation class is composed of three parts: Guitar, Percussion, and Music History.  Students will be introduced to the basic elements of music and applying them to guitar and percussion.  The history of Rock N Roll will be covered utilizing documentaries, readings, and research projects.