• Industrial Revolution Rap
    Follow the link on this page to the website about the Industrial Revolution.
    On the website, you will see a video that you will be required to watch and listen to. If possible, use your headphones to listen to the song; otherwise, make sure your volume is up enough so that only you can hear it. Please don't listen to it too loudly, as it may bother other students around you.
    1) While you watch the video and listen to the song, fill in the blanks on the lyric sheet provided.
    2)When you are done, review the song lyrics and make a brief list of all the inventions, changes, and improvements mentioned/shown in the video that you believe were important during this time period.
    3) Next, fill out the Debate Worksheet completely, using the lyrics, video, and information you wrote down. It will require you to pick ONE invention from the video that you believe was the most important.

    • The "Statement" is: __________ (your invention choice) CHANGED THE WORLD THE MOST. 

    This worksheet should be filled out completely and thoroughly--including the arguments another student might make. You MUST use facts from the song/video to support each of your arguments as to why your invention is the most influential.
    4) Staple all documents together and hand them in. This includes the song lyrics filled in, your list of inventions/changes/and improvements, and the Debate Worksheet. 
    DUE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13th at the end of the hour!!!  
Last Modified on December 11, 2019