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    The 2012 LHS Athletic HOF class includes Alan Stump, 1958-1962, Football/Track/Basketball; Pam Heck Smith, 1969-1973, Basketball/Volleyball/Track; Rich Frazier, 1980-1984, Football/Wrestling/Track; David Latva, Distinguished Service Award; Lady Saints "Class C" Basketball teams from years 1999 and 2000. The 1999 team included Head Coach Dorene Ingalls, Assistant Coaches Doug Ingalls and Jon Olsen; players Jessica Martin, Meghann Savard, Emily Evashevski, Mandi Johnson, Eryn Mercer, Liz Elliott, Holly Cole, Karolyn Getzen, Samantha Litzner, Adria West, Micaela Kelso, Randi Johnson, Katie Harris, Kate Ruegg and Melisa Massaway; managers Marielle Calcaterra, Kathleen Peterson, Jenny Massaway, Ashley St. Louis and Kate Springsteen. The 2000 team included Head Coach Dorene Ingalls and Assistant Coach Doug Ingalls; players Samantha Litzner, Kate Ruegg, Karolyn Getzen, Melisa Massaway, Adria West, Marielle Calcaterra, Krista Clement, Mandi Johnson, Eryn Mercer, Emily Evashevski, Meghann Savard, Jessica Martin, Jennifer Sword, Holly Cole, and Micaela Kelso; managers Kathleen Peterson, Allison Brown and Whitney Robinson.
    The event was held at Kewadin Shores Casino in St. Ignace on December 29, 2012.
    "Lady Saints" Honors Link courtesy of The St. Ignace News Print Shop