• French I: French I introduces students to the language and the culture.  The emphasis is always on speaking, writing, and understanding.  It requires the students to attend classes regularly, do assignments, both oral and written, memorize vocabulary and verb endings, and practice speaking.  The object is to learn to speak, read, write, and understand French. 
    French II:  French II reviews material covered in French I and introduces new vocabulary and grammar structures.  Many different verb tenses are introduced this year and students need to attend class regularly.
    English 12A:  English 12A is an honor's class and is a required class that is follows the mandated Michigan Curriculum.  Students will read novels, write papers, and give speeches. 
    English 11:  English 11 covers grammar, literature, vocabulary, and composition. The literature that will be covered during this year will be Beowulf, The Legend of King Arthur, Canterbury Tales, Hamlet, and Night.  During this year, the juniors take the SAT test in the spring.