• FallFestival
    Fall Festival is usually held in October.  The festival was previously referred to as Autumn Apple Days.  The Fall Festival is a wonderful opportunity for everyone in kindergarten through grade 8 to enjoy many great activities that the fall season brings our way.
    In the past, some Mackinac Bridge employees visited with us and offered information on the Mackinac Bridge and answered questions about the fantastic structure. To celebrate "Mighty Mac's" 50th Anniversary, students entered a drawing contest.  Each student was invited to draw a picture of the Mackinac Bridge.  One drawing per grade was chosen.  Prizes given were commemorative tokens of the Mackinac Bridge and issues of the 50th birthday edition of Michigan History magazine.
    Other activities slated for Fall Fest may include hay rides, informational sessions by representatives of the U.S. Forest Service, an outdoor relay and obstacle course, a fall craft with gourds, an apple toss, and of course, fall treats to sample!  Some treats offered are homemade applesauce and donut holes along with fall trail mix. There can also be a scarecrow building activity.  Each class plans the scarecrow in advance and has 15 minutes to put it together. Students have fun building their scarecrows.
    Students, staff, and volunteers all have an enjoyable day at Fall Festival.
     apple toss
    Fall Pumpkin Fun & Apple Toss
    As always, with any big event, volunteers are essential!  Please thank the organizers and their many wonderful helpers for their time and talents. We love our volunteers!